Corporate Social Responsibility Manager


  • The Corporate Social Responsibility Manager is responsible for ensuring that the BBBEE scorecard is prepared as per requirements and the monitoring as well as updating of records that relate to the BBBEE requirements are executed.
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility Manager must work within policies and procedures and in compliance with all BBBEE and other related legislation.
  • This individual is also responsible for providing overall support to the Company’s Trust.
  • Develop and execute the BBBEE strategy which interlocks with the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Go to Market Strategies.
  • Prepare the BBBEE policy; implement BBBEE compliance policies and procedures ensuring that relevant compliance documentation is in place and maintained at all times.  Ensure that key stakeholders are regularly updated on the progress made against the targets outlined in the Company’s scorecard.
  • Management & Employment Equity: Oversee the management of the EE committee which includes quarterly meetings & related actions take place.  Ensure that managers are constantly trained on EE and monitor the recruitment of employees against the EE tracker, ensuring targets are met.  Prepare EE reports as per the required deadlines and ensure targets are met.
  • Skills Development: Ensure maintenance and updating of Skills Development training and reports, as per the required deadlines and legislation.
  • Preferential Procurement:Constantly review the BBBEE status of suppliers and look at means of improving upon spend with suppliers and the related strategy.
  • Enterprise Development: Constant review of key stakeholders and related spend as well as devise action plans to meet targets.
  • Socio Economic Development: Ensure maintenance and updating of list of all charities contributed to include the % of black beneficiaries, spend and type of contribution.  Reporting: prepare documents and reports on the computer for reporting purposes.
  • Prepare for the annual audit. Ensure that all relevant documents and files for reporting purposes are completed on time.
  • Trust Management: Attend related calls; provide guidance to the various parties and keep key stakeholders informed.  Ensure that the Trust is constantly reviewed; updated and proposal’s made to the relevant committees to improve upon the management as well as approach of the existing Trust.
  • The Manager is responsible for Company’s overall Corporate Social Responsibility and is also responsible for the BBBEE strategy; ensuring compliance and monitoring as well as execution of the scorecard system allowing for the company requirements to be maintained and updated timeously.


  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Effective, verbal and listening communication skills
  • Effective written communication skills


  • B com Degree or equivalent (MBA will be advantageous)
  • BBBEE courses
  • Related corporate experience in the pharmaceutical Sector and related codes
  • Preferred: 5 years’ experience as a Corporate Social Responsibility and BBEE driver
  • Strategic project experience and business experience
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