How To Manage Millennials in the Workplace

Generation Y (or Millennnials) have many qualities that are valuable in the workplace. Their optimism, open-mindedness, confidence, energy and fearless approach to technology, has a positive impact on motivating and inspiring their colleagues. According to the 2012 Cisco Connected World Technology Report, the Y generation is “more agile, more informed and more responsive than any [...]

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You Want Me To Pay What?

Many companies balk at the thought of selling out 10% of an executive’s salary to a headhunter. But, while the engagement of an executive search company might initially sound like a significant cost, it makes for long-term savings. That’s because, with the extensive networks, headhunters are abler to identify potential candidates far more quickly than [...]

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Beat the Pre-holiday Blues

Dailyfix, the new online home of Fairlady, Home and Ideas magazine spoke to Zinhle Matentji about any ideas she may have on “Beating the pre-holiday blues”… As the end of the year draws near, with the promise of the holidays just around the corner, it’s easy to become demotivated and lose sight of your goals. [...]

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How Not to be an Office Party Pooper

Women24 magazine interviewed Zinhle Matentji, MD and Founder of SearchSpecifics TRANSEARCH Africa for their November issue. These tips should help you not become the office party pooper. It’s that time of the year, when your inbox starts overflowing with invites to office parties and Christmas lunches. For the prepared, these can be a rich opportunity [...]

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Succession Planning Integral to Businesses

Business Brief had a discussion with SearchSpecifics TRANSEARCH Africa Founder and MD regarding the importance of succession planning in the February issue. This is what she had to say… Attracting and appointing top executive talent is an expensive process. But the value associated with executive appointments and retention of senior management is negligible when their [...]

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