• Collaborate with the organisation’s Board of Directors in developing organisation’s Strategy, taking into account the prevailing strategic context, business goals and Shareholder’s strategic priorities.
  • Collaborate with organisation’s Board of Directors in achieving the company business strategy, as guided by the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) and the Executive representatives (Minister and Deputy Minister) of the Shareholder.
  • Oversee, direct and lead the implementation of the approved organisation strategy including the Annual Corporate Strategic Plan, long term strategy and the Shareholder’s Compact.
  • Direct and lead the development and implementation of organisation’s Business Units Strategies and ensure alignment with organisation business plans and strategy.
  • Manage and lead the performance and development of the Executive Management Committee (EXCO) to ensure delivery of organisational objectives, business performance and related targets, in particular financial targets which includes organisation profitability and growth projects.
  • Lead, promote and achieve a positive organisational culture that supports the achievement of organisation strategic objectives which enhances productive and motivated employees and teams.
  • Direct, monitor and measure the performance of Executives, Managers and Employees in accordance with the metrics stated within the Strategy, Performance Management and Shareholder’s Compact.
  • Lead and ensure compliance with required corporate governance requirements, Legislation and Company Policies.
  • Initiate pro-active and corrective actions where required to ensure that organisation’s targets and objectives are met.
  • Lead, manage and produce the required company reports, of appropriate quality and requirements in accordance with the annual schedules or requests.
  • In collaboration with the CFO and Executive Team, compile a comprehensive company budget and ensure the implementation of such in accordance with policies and procedures.
  • Monitor organisational and financial risks and ensure mitigating actions through the establishment and maintenance of a sound control environment, i.e. policies, procedures, standards etc.
  • Ensure appropriate funding and investments are realised.
  • Lead, direct and manage organisation in accordance with its mandate, ensure quality delivery of products and services, continue to build the social and developmental success of the organisation group and fully embrace all the aspects of the sector’s transformation charter.
  • Continuously manage and maintain a good relationship with key stakeholders, such as the Employees, Shareholder, Communities, the Union, and Customers etc.
  • Lead, oversee and manage the development of land claims strategy that will expedite the processing and settlement of land claims, as well as land claims settlement models aligned to the framework approved by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.
  • In consultation with the Chairperson of Board represent organisation in the public domain, media, and parliament and in engagement with other partners.


  • Strategic Communication and Interpersonal skills; Corporate Governance and Results oriented; Business Acumen; Integrity; Political Savvy; Cognitive; Leadership skills; Interpersonal; Business Management; Task Execution


  • A three (3) year Bachelor’s degree
  • Ten (10) years’ experience in Business Management, of which at least five (5) years’ experience in a Senior Management and/or Executive Leadership role.
  • Proven experience in and/or understanding of State Owned Company governance frameworks, e.g.(PFMA) will be an added advantage
  • A Master’s degree and/or an Executive Development Programme will be an added advantage.
  • Driver’s licence
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