How Employees Can Make Themselves Retrenchment Proof

Retrenchment is a normal process in business. Businesses often find the need to lay off employees when they are under pressure financially or when there is a restructuring process to align the business to a new strategy and vision. In the majority of cases employees feel helpless under these circumstances. Experts and commentators would say [...]

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All About Retrenchment

The word retrenchment is derived from an old French word and basically means to reduce or cut something down. It also happens to be a word that can strike fear into the hearts of millions of workers who often are the sole bread winner in their family. Another word for retrenchment is called downsizing. The [...]

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What Is Retrenchment

Retrenchment is an unfortunate aspect of modern day life and business. The fundamental definition of what retrenchment is is when a company or organization determines that it needs to reduce the number of people in its employ in order to match or meet operational requirements. Reasons for Retrenchment There are a number of different reasons [...]

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