Executive Search Benefits: Client and Candidate

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About Our Clients

We provide executive coaching and headhunting services to clients in both the public and private sectors in South Africa and the broader African emerging markets.

Our niche industries include petroleum, mining, financial services, fast-moving consumer goods and telecommunication, however our reach and expertise extends to a broader range of industries. Our clients are among the top 100 in their sectors and are often considered industry leaders.

We aim to play an integral part in our client’s successes by using our knowledge and expertise to supply them with the highest calibre of board-level directors, senior managers and c-suite executives.

SearchSpecifics TRANSEARCH Africa are committed to transformation and are the market leader in the areas of black empowerment and gender professional placement in South Africa.

The Benefits of Using Executive Search

We offers both clients and candidates a wide array of benefits. These benefits are inherent to and embedded in our business model, and present themselves in the quality services we provide.

The Benefits to Clients Include:

  • We provide a long-term commitment to client service.
  • We focus on wealth creation through talent management by providing the right fit candidate.
  • Ours is a research based executive search process.
  • Our consultants are seasoned executive search professionals.
  • The focus and nature of of work is on transformation.
  • We carry niche industry expertise and cross-industry knowledge.
  • We work by a strict ethical approach to executive search.

The Benefits to Candidates Include:

  • We provide a career goals oriented view to placements.
  • You are guaranteed a forthright and ethical treatment.
  • You have access to employers who are market leaders.
  • Everything is conducted with the utmost level of confidentiality and propriety.

What are the Benefits Of Executive Search for Clients?

We approach the search process on behalf of our clients with our core values in mind. These values aim to preserve our clients’ shareholder equity by taking a holistic view to their executive recruitment needs. Our values have manifested in the following characteristics:

Long-term commitment to
client service

We build the kind of relationships with our clients where we become an integral part of their organisational structure. This allows us to proactively anticipate needs, and provide a seamless and fully integrated executive recruitment service.

Focus on wealth creation through talent management by providing the right fit candidates.

Our service offerings focus not only on providing value for money, but also on ensuring that the money spent increases our client’s core equity. We do this by ensuring that the talent management process begins in earnest at the sourcing and recruitment phase.

Research based
executive search process

Research forms an important part of our process. The research methodologies we employ are industry best practice and have been further honed and refined through years of practical application. The successes we have achieved for our clients are testament to the quality of research we provide.

Seasoned executive
search professionals

Our team is comprised of seasoned executive search professionals whose expertise covers all the major industries and sectors. Our professionals work collaboratively to share knowledge and identify opportunities for our clients.

A focus on guiding our clients on transformation

We have extensive experience in transformation placements and can guide our clients on their transformation strategy. We also have access to experienced candidates who will contribute to our client’s transformation objectives.

Niche industry expertise combined with cross-industry knowledge and experience

Our clients include companies in both the public and private sectors. Our niche industries include petroleum, mining, financial services, fast-moving consumer goods and telecommunications, however, our range of expertise extends to a broader range of industries.

Ethical approach
to executive search

We have documented a code of conduct to which we adhere. Our code of conduct upholds highest standards of ethical conduct, ensures the strictest levels of confidentiality and maintains superior levels professionalism.

What are the Benefits of Executive Search for Candidates?

We are invested in ensuring that our candidates achieve success in the organisations in which we place them. It is for this reason that we offer the following benefits to our candidates:

Career goals oriented
view to the placement

Our approach to placing candidates involves aligning their long term career goals with the current placement. We meticulously map the career paths – starting at the current potential placement – for each of our candidates to ensure that the placement fits into the candidate’s overall career goals.

Forthright and ethical treatment of candidates

Our code of conduct extends to the manner in which we deal with our candidates. Our candidates are afforded forthright advice and information, and are treated ethically and with due consideration.

Access to employers
who are market leaders

We provide our candidates access to the highest calibre of employers. Our clients are in the top 100 companies in their sector. They are market leaders, or they are set to take over at the top. The options we are able to present to candidates is unrivalled.

Utmost level of
confidentiality and propriety

We understand and value the need for confidentiality our candidates often have. Our approach provides this confidentiality and is at all times above board.