• Directing and coordinating activities of the Vanderbijlpark operation.
  • Development and implementation of manufacturing strategy according to expected deliverables.
  • Drive cost optimization through implementation of Operational Excellence methodologies
  • Establish and implement site policies, goals, objectives, and procedures conferring with Group and Divisional structures.
  • Take responsibility for and manage all activities directly related to manufacturing, ensure allocation of resources.
  • Take responsibility for all relevant legislative compliance requirements. (OSH Act, LRA, BCEA, Skills development, EE etc.)
  • Contribute to  divisional  continuous  improvement  efforts  in  line  with  market  best  practices  & developments.
  • Deliver requisite financial performance (profitability, recapitalization).
  • Ensure functional integration of internal processes.


  • Have experience, best practices implementing and using continuous improvement methodologies.
  • Have experience, broad understanding of safety systems and enforcement of safety rules and policies.
  • Have experience, broad knowledge, and understanding of Labour Relations, Employee Relations and Public.
  • Affairs, Community Relations with regards to Provincial and Municipality Enterprise Development.
  • Have experience, broad knowledge of Industrial Development Programmes e.r.t Local Municipality, Provincial Programmes.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (Engineering or Operations discipline or other related field);Post Graduate, Qualification in Business Management\Engineering\Quality Management\Industrial Engineering\Post Graduate Qualification MBA
  • Must have 7+ years progressive experience in a key leadership\management role at a manufacturing facility with a high unionized environment.
  • Understanding of OHS Act, Employment Legislation; Tax Legislation; Public Finance Act; ISO Systems; Environment Legislation.


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