Executive Search and Headhunting Services

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From the initiation of an Executive Search Assignment to the closure of a Search Assignment, SearchSpecifics TRANSEARCH Africa offers a thorough and expert approach to the Executive Search Process.

As a Retained Executive Search Firm we make use of our in-house tools and processes to best manage client relations, conduct detailed market research and screen candidates.

Our Executive Search and Placement Services Include:

  • The Executive Search and Placement Process
  • Advertised Selection
  • Detailed Market Research and Industry Mapping
  • Networking
  • Confidential Candidate Representation
  • Preparation & Executive Coaching of Candidates
  • Post-placement Support

The Executive Search and Placement Process

The Executive Search process developed out of the need for companies to find executive level talent and senior managers who – due to their experience, position and qualifications – are likely not to be actively looking for new positions.

Executives at this level are also likely to be deeply embedded into their current organisation’s structure by way of talent retention and successions plans, and are not likely see the value proposition in a potential position based solely on an advertisement.

The need for confidentiality is also more critical when recruiting at this level. For this reason, it is unlikely that an executive would respond to an advertisement.

Finding these executives and confidentially approaching them with a value proposition enticing enough is the domain of executive search.

At SearchSpecifics TRANSEARCH Africa, we provide a complete executive search and placement service.

Our Executive Search Process Includes:

  • Client Briefing: We develop a comprehensive brief and project plan in collaboration with you, detailing key performance areas and strategic challenges. We gain a thorough understanding of your internal reporting structure as well as key internal and external liaison relationships.
  • Market Research: Using our distinct research-based methodologies, we conduct knowledge gathering to identify suitable candidates, industry leaders and niche specialists in your market segment. Our research process culminates in a detailed research report, which we present to you and from which we draw up a short list of candidates.
  • Interviews: Only once we have vetted the shortlisted candidates and have assessed their fit for your organisation do we present them to you for interviews.
  • Placement: We facilitate the offer and acceptance of offer process including the negotiations involved in this phase.
  • Post-placement Support: Once the candidate begins work, we provide post-placement support to both candidate and client to ensure that the relationship is as successful as expected.

1. Advertised Selection and One-on-One Interviews

We identify top management talent through electronic and print media, screenings and one-on-one interviews. We also have an extensive network – built up over many years of close, collaborative relationships – which we can tap into to fulfil our client’s human capital needs.

2. Detailed Marketing Research and Industry Mapping

One of the products SearchSpecifics TRANSEARCH Africa offers is extensive market research of talent in specific fields as may be required by clients. The research will include a thorough scanning of the market to understand what skills are available in that area. Other characteristics will also be identified i.e. gender, race and age. Positions currently being held by the individuals and also current salary packages. Companies will find this useful for benchmarking and possibly to direct the Executive Search process should they be interested in specific talent from an identified industry sector. Whilst this process is part of the search process, it is also provided as a final product which the client can decide how to use the information within their organisation as either market intelligence for planning, organisational structuring or restructuring.

3. Networking with Top Industry Players

The recruitment process is a scientific one; it follows an objective and rigorous process of searching, selecting, headhunting and screening candidates to arrive at the ideal match for the client. To support this approach and as part of the verification process, extensive networking with industry players at the relevant level will be entered into. This acts as a source of further identification or validation of candidates that could have been identified as suitable for the position being filed. This approach has proven highly effective particularly where potential candidates could have moved from their expected environments or areas of expertise.

4. Fully Confidential Candidate Representation

Due to the extensive experience and exposure of SearchSpecifics TRANSEARCH Africa in the Executive Search arena, high calibre candidates looking to make a career move often approach the company to assist them in identifying possible career opportunities in the market. These would often be top executives who would not want to use the standard recruitment approaches and would like to keep their desire to move discreet and protect their current positions. Candidates often present us with a “wish list” of companies they wish to be identified with due to some attribute.

As an Executive Search firm we would approach those specific companies and outline the profile of the candidate. Every care would be made to ensure that the candidate’s interests and the potential needs of the company are matched to offer a possible fit. The confidential manner in which this approach is made and the subsequent interviews that would ensue, would provide both the company and the candidate an opportunity to meet, discuss and assess the possibility of a working relationship in a relaxed and unpressured manner. Also avoiding undue attention from current employer and also not creating unrealistic expectations on both sides, even where these are not clients of the company, we would approach them to establish a possible meeting with the interested candidate.

5. Preparation and Coaching of Candidates

An important step which forms part of the Executive Search process is the coaching of candidates before an interview. Candidates are thoroughly briefed on the prospective company, current occurrences, and exposure. Candidates are also encouraged to read up and familiarize themselves with the company structure, market positioning and any other relevant information. Paramount also would be to understand the culture of the organization, dress code etc.

6. Post-placement Support

Once our client decides to make an offer, we play a key role in managing the salary negotiating and benefits, and completing the placement. We also provide post-placement support to both candidate and client to ensure that the relationship is as successful as expected.