Interviewing Techniques

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How can organisations ensure that they attract the best talent? There are various recruitment methodologies that enable organisations to ensure they are recruiting the best talent there is in the market, including: Advertising in the media; Internal succession planning; and Database searches and using search firms. Advertising tends to attract job seekers and not necessarily [...]

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Top Interview Techniques

There are two sides to every interview. There is the interviewer whose job it is to try and ascertain whether someone is the ideal person for the job; the interviewer will do this through asking a series of relevant and pertinent questions. On the other side is the interviewee who is trying to get the [...]

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How To Handle Job Interviews

Recently the Business Day, CareerJunction and The Sunday Times Careers section were giving tips on responding to interview questions. Read below to get those tips from Zinhle Matentji, SearchSpecifics TRANSEARCH Africa MD and Founder. There is plenty of information around for first-time job applicants, but what about those people who have been working for many [...]

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