Why Use Headhunter Services

One of the most crucial aspects in a successful business is making sure that you are employing the best possible people for the positions within the company. Employing the best candidates for the positions relative to their specific skill sets is absolutely vital as this is economically sensible as it is more efficient and in addition allows one to stream line their business.

There are two distinctive ways that a business or corporation can go about finding the best employees for the positions that they need filled. The most well-known and probably the most commonly used method is to employ the services of a general all round recruitment agency. This generally works best for more general or lower to middle rung employment positions such as general staff or junior management and so on.

Using a general employment agency is fine for non specialized positions. Most of these types of job positions require more generalized skill sets and often relate to multiple positions of the same description, for example, general sales staff. However for more specialized positions, upper management or positions requiring a very specific set of skills and experienced it is usually recommended to employ the services of a headhunting firm.

What Headhunting Services Do

Headhunting services vary in size and capacity and this often relates to the business sector that they generally deal with or specialize in. basically speaking headhunting services will focus on a specific profile or criteria based on a client’s brief or needs. The majority of corporate headhunting takes place or involves mostly specialized personnel or top level management positions such as chief financial, chief executive or chief operating officers for generally larger firms.
Also very specialized or highly trained personnel such as chief engineers, scientists, designers and developers, analysts and specialized high profile project managers and so on. It is often a lot more time and cost effective for firms to use headhunters because headhunters do not rely on general or bulk curriculum vitae submissions and compiled data bases.

Headhunters are pro active and tailor their search criteria according to their clients brief. Generally headhunting is done within a specific industry, usually starting with their client’s immediate competition but can also include networking opportunities and conventions. All of these events are opportunities for headhunters to find the exact and perfect candidate possible for their clients.

How Headhunting Works

Once a headhunting receives a brief from their client a basic retainer fee is negotiated. Once both parties are satisfied the brief is implemented and the search can begin. After an extensive research period identifying potential candidates within the specific industry, a short list is compiled of the best possible potential candidates; this short list is presented to the client after a short list fee agreement is entered into. Once the client has selected the successful candidate the client is then responsible for ensuring that the headhunting service receives an agreed upon percentage fee. This percentage fee is based upon a calculation of the new employee’s base salary percentage for their first year.

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