The Benefits of Executive Search


The Difference Between Executive Search and Recruitment

Executive Search differs from other means of recruitment such as traditional recruitment agencies and advertised posts. The Executive Search Process is approached with a completely different mindset to traditional recruitment.

1. Most people differentiate Executive Search from other types of recruitment by the pay grade of the candidate – usually above R700 000 a year.

2. Executive Search is also focused on bringing in specific niche skills into an organisation through the practice of headhunting. Traditional recruitment methods tend to be more passive and rely on candidates to apply for a certain position.

Barriers to Headhunting Executive Talent in South Africa

1. Traditional recruitment methods work fine when there is an abundance of the skills sought and potential employees are actively looking. Typically through, the skills required to steer an organisation, as a senior manager or an executive  are rare and even if found, there remains no guarantee that the person who possesses them will be able to gel with the organization.

2. Compounding the problem is that frequently, the people with the requisite skills are likely not to be actively looking for a new position.

3. These complex issues are especially exacerbated in South Africa where the demand for executive talent far outstrips the supply of top talent.

Executive Search, when done correctly, eases a lot of these burdens. Due to its specialized nature, Executive Search, also known as Headhunting, is typically undertaken by an Executive Search consultancy on behalf of an organization.

Any Executive Search consultancy worth its salt will have the networks, industry knowledge and research abilities to source, vet and assess the fit of a candidate into a client organisation. At no point is the Executive Search process passive.

What Are The Benefits of Executive Search?

The Benefits of Executive Search are numerous, to both clients and candidates.

1. Executive Search is a tailor-made solution. Each search is built from the ground up and while Executive Search consultancies may use their pre-existing networks, each search results in a brand new pool of candidates from which a shortlist may be drawn. This makes the process responsive to the client organisation’s specific needs and special circumstances.

2. Retained executive recruitment firms can also handle some of the things that Human Resources Managers may be uncomfortable doing. For example, Executive Search consultants will directly approach a candidate who may be working for a rival company.

3. Executive Search consultants can also negotiate salaries and other potential barriers so that the candidate’s first contact with the client organisation is not bogged down by thought negotiation.

4. Using a proven Executive Search consultancy has typically predictable results and because of the tailored matching, is likely to: Reduce turnover at the executive level; increase organisation – wide productivity; and maximise shareholder return. The Executive Search process is always underpinned by confidentiality.

Where Does the Executive Search Process Begin?

Because of the very different skill senior managers and executives must possess and because of the role they play in the organisation, the Executive Search Process must begin by developing a complete profile of the potential candidate.

This profile crosscuts skills, personality, experience, network, demographics and other such requirements. It includes identifying key relationships internal and external to the organisation. It is the profile that an Executive Search firm will use as the benchmark against which potential candidates are scored. Many Executive Search consultancies have developing this profile as part of their services.

Once a profile has been developed, the sourcing of candidates can begin. The techniques used by Executive Search firms differs somewhat and thus it is important that client organisations ensure they fully understand the process as it will determine what they eventually get out of it.

Where Can I get More Information?

The experienced business development team at SearchSpecifics TRANSEARCH Africa is more than happy to provide you more information. Give us a call on 010 0404 3015 or drop us a mail and one of our consultants will give you a call.

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