Using Headhunter Services

There are many different reasons why a vast variety of corporations, specialized firms and a host of various enterprises within many different industries would need to employ the services of specialist headhunter services.

One of the main reasons is the need to procure very specific and specialized personnel. The firms or corporations who wish to find these specialized or specific types of employees simply cannot rely or employ the services of a general nonspecific employment agency. The reason for this is that employment agencies do not actively seek out the perfect candidate. General employment agencies rely on vast data bases of potential candidates and their relevant details; these pertain to many different employment criteria and facets but are not designed to highlight specifics.

What Headhunter Services Can Offer

The beauty of headhunter services is that they can benefit both the employer and the potential employee. However, having said that it is also important to realize that the headhunter service does not work for both parties. The headhunter service specifically works for the employer. The headhunter service is designed to proactively seek out the best possible candidate or candidates as per the clients brief.

Once the headhunter service has accepted the client’s brief the headhunter will then go about searching for the best possible candidate or candidates. There are several different ways in which the headhunting service can go about to achieve this result. The most immediate and obvious method involves an analysis of the clients most immediate competition within a given industrial sector.

Searching through and identifying the best possible potential candidates within the immediate competition of the client has many benefits, the most obvious benefit naturally being that the potential candidate is already experienced and successful within that specific field. Another method that the headhunter can go about finding the ideal candidate is to attend networking sessions and corporate events. In some cases approaching a potential candidate within a relaxed and social environment can work to the advantage of the headhunter.

How Headhunter Services Operate

Headhunter services operate in several ways. We have mentioned the two main ways in which a headhunter service will seek out and identify potential candidates. We have also seen which methods are the most successful. Another way that headhunting services go about recruiting the best possible candidates is by identifying successful small companies or businesses within that specific industry umbrella. More often than not the moderately successful small business owner can be enticed by a very lucrative offer.

Once the headhunter service accepts a client’s brief the next step is agreeing upon a retainer fee. Once this has been agreed upon the headhunter service begins the search, profiling potential candidates and compiling a short list of the best possible candidates. The headhunter service will then offer this short list to their client often for a short list fee. Once the client has chosen the best possible candidate a percentage upon employment is negotiated between the employer and the headhunting service. This percentage usually ranges between twenty five and thirty five percent of the candidates first year base salary.

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