About Headhunter Services

In today’s high paced and highly competitive corporate world it is of vital importance to secure the best position within a company as possible. This simple fact is crucial in importance to both employer and employee, especially when one considers the current economic down turn.

In employment marketing circles there are basically two separate sides to this equation. On one side you have the employment agency and on the other side you have the headhunter services. The way that an employment agency works is that an individual will submit their employment history in the form of a resume or curriculum vitae and the agency will then cross reference those details against companies seeking employment candidates.

A headhunter service works in the opposite way to an employment agency. In the case of the headhunter services the headhunter actually actively seeks out potential candidates for a specific client. The way that this often works is that the headhunter will approach the client direct competition. So one can see how the name headhunter came about to describe this very aggressive method of recruitment.

Headhunter Services In More Detail

As we have just mentioned the factors that set a headhunter service apart from a standard recruitment agency is that the headhunter service does not wait for potential candidates to send in their curriculum vitaes so that they can be cross referenced against a job list. The most successful headhunters are extremely aggressive and for the most part will do everything possible to secure the right candidate once that candidate has been correctly assessed as the perfect candidate for the relevant client.

The first place that a headhunter service will begin the hunt is with the clients direct competition as this is where the most relevant potential future employee will be found. This process will usually entail a top listing of competitive companies within a specific industry, the headhunter will work their way down this list until a satisfactory result is achieved.

How Headhunter Services Work

The services of a good headhunter are an ideal way for a company to find the perfect person for a given position. The main reason for this is that the company only has to pay the headhunter if and when the right candidate is found and employment is secured. The way that payment works once the correct candidate is found and then subsequently employed is based on a percentage of the employees annual salary, usually around four to eight percent.

Overall a good headhunting service is by far the most efficient and satisfactory method for a favorable employment outcome for client or employer as well as candidate or employee. This method is also much quicker in turn around time than the conventional employment agency method as the potential candidate is identified and singled out. In addition to clients immediate competitors, headhunters also rely on networking events and can even entice private sector members who run their own smaller companies to return to big corporates if the offer is enticing enough.

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