Choosing To Use Headhunter Services

The vast majority of high profile corporations and big business’ within almost every industry sphere make use of headhunter services. Headhunter services are a vital part or cog that helps to drive the global corporate machinery.

Headhunter services are often highly specialized, as opposed to conventional recruitment agencies, headhunter services are pro active and will actually go about and seek the best or most ideal candidate for a specific position.

The Benefits Of Using The Services Of A Headhunting Service

There are many benefits to using a top notch headhunting service. There are also however a few aspects that can be less than beneficial to a client employing a headhunting service, we will discuss both here. One of the most obvious benefits to using the services of a good headhunter is when the client is looking for someone to fill a very specialized or highly skilled position.

Another obvious reason to using the services of a good headhunter is efficiency because the headhunting service is looking for a handful of very specific people that possess exactly the right specific criteria. If the client company had to make use of a general employment agency the process could take a lot longer.

General employment agencies rely on generating a large and generalized potential employee data base through the method of accepting curriculum vitae’s at large and then generating a cross reference able data base or employment candidate listing. This process could take much longer than using someone specific as there could be many potential candidates that fit one or more employment criteria.

The headhunter service does not employ the same type of method employing cross reference data bases and such tools. The headhunter service rather identifies specific candidates that possess the specific criteria within that specific industry. It is a much quicker and much more accurate and pro active process.

Potential Risk Involved In Employing The Services Of A Headhunter
As previously stated employing the services of a headhunter can be of great benefit to the corporate client. There are some potential risks involved and these risks relate to a number of factors most importantly cost, more specifically non recoverable losses.

The way that the majority of headhunter services operate is as follows; initially upon engagement the majority of headhunter services will stipulate a retainer fee upfront once they decide to accept the brief. This could potentially become quite expensive for the client if the process of headhunting and subsequent recruitment or employment takes longer than expected.

The second aspect involving client expense revolves around what is known as a short list fee. This is practiced by the vast majority of headhunting services and involves the client paying an additional fee to secure and employ the details of a short list f potential candidates that the headhunting service compiles. This fee must be paid by the client even if it results in no candidates actually accepting the position.

So the client has to pay a retainer for as long as the headhunting agency’s services are employed by the client regardless of success or failure. If there is a degree of success and a short list is drawn up then the client needs to pay an additional fee for this information. In addition to this the client has to pay a percentage if a successful candidate is employed, this fee is a percentage of the employee’s base salary.

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