Top Interview Techniques

There are two sides to every interview. There is the interviewer whose job it is to try and ascertain whether someone is the ideal person for the job; the interviewer will do this through asking a series of relevant and pertinent questions. On the other side is the interviewee who is trying to get the job on offer, it is their responsibility to present themselves to the best of their abilities in order to be selected for the job on offer. In both cases the use of top interview techniques needs to be considered.

As far as both parties are concerned there are techniques and strategies that both sides must employ in order to achieve the desired result. For the interviewer there are a number of factors to consider. The first factor is how the interviewee responds to a series of questions that are both relevant to the job and the company at large but also relevant to specific psychologies required for that specific position or role. The second factor is based on behavioural responses and body language as well as how the candidate comes across.

For the person on the receiving end of the interview a number of factors that the candidate not only needs to remember and bear in mind but also a certain psychological strategy needs to be employed in order to be successful. It is very important that the candidate not only has a thorough knowledge of the job they are being interviewed for but also a thorough familiarization of the company, its background and its history.

Key Techniques To A Successful Interview

Prior to the time of the interview the potential candidate should consider a number of points in order to ensure the maximum chance of success. The candidate should thoroughly research the company beforehand.

The candidate should make every effort possible to ensure that he or she knows as much as possible about the history of the company, key events or achievements that led to the growth or ongoing success of the company and so on. The best way to go about this is by doing online research, getting information from the company’s human resources department or information gleaned from relevant industry publications.
From the interviewers point of view there are a number of good solid standard questions that they should be asking the potential employee or job candidate. The factors that influence the nature of the questions that are to be asked relate to questions specifically relating to the job, questions relating to personality traits and habits and questions relating to thinking or psychology in general.

Surviving The Interview

One of the most important factors that will determine a positive outcome after an interview is presenting a positive attitude. Avoid any words with negative connotations such as ‘cannot’ or ‘do not’ or ‘no’ or ‘never’ and so on. Be enthusiastic and sincere. It is very important to be honest, do not exaggerate anything that could possibly come back to haunt you at a later stage.

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