How Employees Can Make Themselves Retrenchment Proof

Retrenchment is a normal process in business. Businesses often find the need to lay off employees when they are under pressure financially or when there is a restructuring process to align the business to a new strategy and vision.

In the majority of cases employees feel helpless under these circumstances. Experts and commentators would say that there is a way to make oneself retrenchment proof in normal circumstances and under extreme circumstances as mentioned above.

Our experience in the Executive Search field would tend to confirm this assertion.

Common Observations by Recruitment Professionals

One of the most interesting observations is that employees often fail to see themselves as part of the organisation. They view themselves as working there. They are in a job and being paid to do a job. This comes out so clearly in conversation and how they refer to their companies. It is often in the third person, very detached and unconnected.

There is very little projection of belonging. In some way when people get retrenched they do not realise that the process started a long time ago and therefore need to be empowered to prevent this from happening as much as possible.

Points to Consider for Being Retention Proof

If you want to make yourself indispensable to you company, you need to consider various factors. Click on the link to navigate to a detailed explanation of each of the below points.

Understand your company and what its key objectives are:

This is important irrespective of your position in the organisation. Many employees would be in a company and not have a very clear picture of what the company stands for. A company may offer an induction session but the employee has to take an interest to embrace the company culture and values.

Know the role your division plays to assist the company to maintain its brand and offering:

Every division exists for a reason in supporting the major objectives of the organisation. They may seem unconnected, unrelated or unimportant e.g. support services. Employees need to take pride in the fact that their role is supporting the overall organisational goals.

Be clear about your role in your division:

Taking ownership for ones contribution is vital. Particularly in big establishments people can tend to hide behind the general other “we”, their role may seem obscure and insignificant. Each individual needs to understand that there is a reason they are employed and therefore make that contribution otherwise they declare themselves to redundant.

Be dependable:

Make your employer feel and know that they can count on you. When you have been given a task they should consider it done. One should do ones job irrespective of recognition but be satisfied that it is having a positive impact on the company. Be prepared to do the work whenever and wherever until the task is completed.

Go the extra mile:

Being proactive shows that one is attentive, thinking of ways to improve one’s work for the good of the organisation. Don’t stop doing the work because your part is complete; continues until the goal has been accomplished including assisting others where necessary. Make your team look good.

Add value:

Employees have to intentionally make a commitment to bring their worth into their places of work. Plan to leave a bit of you every time you interact with the company. Your energy, your foresight and uniqueness. This has to be an ongoing and conscientious commitment that will make your presence invaluable.

Constantly improve your performance:

Assess yourself and identify areas of improvements which could make you a better employee. Be honest with yourself in this regard.

Be loyal:

This cannot be overstated and is probably one of the most important behaviour patterns to adopt. Every individual needs to the truthful to the organisation. Be its representative and its protector. Don’t do anything that may harm or bring your company into disrepute. The organisation exists for you and because of you.

Be the brand:

Organisations do not exist of their own accord. It is projected by its employees and associates. You are the organisation, live the values and culture.

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