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Gauteng is the economic powerhouse of Africa and is home to people with bags of dreams and ambitions who are hoping to make it big.

The province contributes 33% to the ­national economy and its major industries ­include services, mining and manufacturing.

Johannesburg-based managing director ­Zinhle Matentji of SearchSpecifics TRANSEARCH Africa TRANSEARCH Africa and ­recruitment firm Strategic Consulting gives us an overview of high-flying jobs in ­demand.

Below are the top 10 jobs:

Chief executive

Qualifications and job description
Having the following three qualifications will put you ahead of the pack: a bachelors ­degree, a postgraduate qualification, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and ­technical and operational executive courses.
An ability to communicate a vision and hire good people to support this vision is crucial.
Salary range
About R4 million a year

General manager or head of division

Qualifications and job description
A bachelor’s degree, postgraduate ­qualification and MBA are beneficial.
An understanding of products, ­operations, ­finance, marketing, ­communications and sales adds to the appeal. Must be a corporate ­animal who thinks and operates like an ­entrepreneur.
Salary range
From R2.5 million a year

Director or head of human resources

Qualifications and job description
A human resources-related bachelors degree plus executive courses will suffice.
Must be able to align the ­objectives of a business and translate it to people.
Salary range
From R1.7 million a year

Chief financial officer

Qualifications and job description
Must be a qualified chartered accountant and have experience in structuring complex ­financial transactions, managing a finance team, supervising control systems and ­monitoring risk and compliance.
Salary range
From R1.8 million a year

Remunerations executive

Qualifications and job description
A BCom honours or related degree is ­preferable.
Must have expansive compensation and ­benefits experience with in-depth experience in various job-grading, salary surveys and ­benchmarking instruments.
Salary range
From R1.1 million a year

Marketing manager or director

Qualifications and job description
Candidates must have at least a BCom ­honours degree in marketing.
The ability to define and implement ­competitive marketing strategies to achieve overall business policy is also a must. Good ­financial acumen and a keen business sense are imperative.
Salary range
From R1.3 million a year

Head of public relations/communications

Qualifications and job description
A communications-related postgraduate qualification is essential.
Candidates must have extensive experience in developing and implementing fully ­integrated corporate communications strategies to derive maximum value and positive ­corporate positioning.
Excellent verbal and written communications skills are a must.
Salary range
From R1.2 million a year

Chief operating officer

Qualifications and job description
Candidates must have a postgraduate ­qualification such as an MBA and experience in chartered ­accountancy or the ­equivalent.
The ability to oversee revenue and sales growth, expenses, cost and margin control is imperative and so is managing monthly, ­quarterly and yearly financial goals.
Candidates must also have a strong business understanding and solid working knowledge of budgeting, sales, business ­development and strategic planning.
Salary range
From R1.5 million a year

Organisational development manager

Qualifications and job description
A BA degree coupled with a postgraduate qualification in a related field is beneficial.
Candidates must be able to implement change and diversity management ­interventions.
Salary range
From R920 000 a year

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